A more efficient workplace using less space

The global software solutions company PAS recently refurbished their offices in Edinburgh. The new office interior now reflects their core business even stronger. Workplace consultants Amos Beech was brought in to design an efficient, light and airy space, with attention to privacy and health and safety.

Interior design and space planning

The glass facade of the new office building of PAS in Edinbugh communicates the transparency and openness of the international software company. This is also emphasised in the airy and flexible design of the offices. Workplace consultancy Amos Beech designed the new interior and the efficient space planning. A masive turning point which was desperately needed. “Previously we were located in Leith,” explains Head of Facilities PAS . “We had a floor surface of 5,300 square meters. It was worked in an open plan office with grouped workstations, but we still had numerous of individual offices. That situation was totally outdated and did not reflect in any shape or form what we want to communicate today.” The move to the current location was not easy though. We have researched the best ways of working for the business and our employes, says John Tangent. The choice was determined by location and communte for employees, partners as well as customers. Also the recreational opportunities and general quality of the building were taken into consideration. The current location is more strategic than ever before. The proximity to Edinburgh airport is certainly in line with the international nature of PAS. John Tangent: “the number of square metres was brought down considerably, with as many as 2,000 square meters. We have invested a lot in comfort, quality and work efficiency. Therefore we called on the expertise of workplace consultancy Amos Beech, the company that has been inolved in the One Lochrin Square project in Edinburgh. The reduction of square meters gave us a much more comfortable working environment. That experience is shared not just by the staff, but also by customers and by the students who joined us. “

On the ground floor of the PAS Office is a breakout area located, a semicircular space with lots of light and a view of the outside green space. It is a multifunctional space with low informal lounge chairs by Charles Eames, classics from the fourties. Also the best proof that excellent design defies time and contribute to a great atmosphere. All product demostration rooms on this floor include a comprehensive multimedia package with broadcast capability. The new way of working has been adopted convincingly within the walls of PAS. When you look at the overall picture from a bird’s perspective, the whole new design and space planning is a no brainer. The software developer has a special IT and Facility support service on the ground floor. For a software developer that has regular product demonstrations and training on his premesis, this is of utmost importance. The IT and Facility support service is conveniently located near the epicenter of the training facilities. Training and education are a crucial part of PAS. Services that were integrated well by Amos Beech in the configuration of workstations.

Obviously, convenience in teaching has also not been overlooked. In the classrooms, the teacher can take over the screens of the students. Students can relax in the semicircular breakout space. Also in this area the classics by Charles Eames and the cute Elephant Stool from 1954, by the Japanese designer Sori Yanagi, put their mark on the space. The training and education area is located on the ground floor and is colorful marked by the colours purple and blue. In the office interior design these are the details that matter. The lockers for instance have a carved pattern on the outside displaying a key and a folding bike, appealing to the lifestyle of the urban employee, they house their laptop and other personal items. Colour accents generate mood and atmosphere in the workplace. At the same time, they mark the work zones in a very subtle way discreetly incorporate colours in the memory.

Office fit out

The workstation of the employees are located on the first floor. Here is also light-hearted and inspiring interior decor constructed. The so-called ‘ landing zone ‘ looks like intense urban crossroads with a restaurant getting all the attentionin the centre of it, a hybrid place, which is ideal for informal colaboration. It is a place where employees from all levels can meet each other, eat organic soup, but also give a presentation or have a meeting. To cut a long story short: a multifunctional place withattractive styling. In this inspiring environment employees will get the red-bull effect: it will give them wings!. Next to this space is the ‘fly in zone’ with grass green seats and hot desking. A zone where you sit down, make phone calls, have meetings, work in teams but don’t discuss internal affairs or HR matters. There is a certain work policy for each zone that you as an employee soon on your clogs. Phone booths to call, measuring ring rooms for meetings. On this floor there is a muted acoustics, whereby no one is disturbed in his activities. This contemporary office fit out is a place of encounter and Exchange, contacts and knowledge, attention and relaxation. McKellar Office Furniture Glasgow furnished the space.On the first floor the employee retire to the library, a bright room where silence and concentration you as saying catch them off guard. Meetings on this floor can in small cocoon-spaces, but larger meeting spaces equally. Within this company are all IT comforts available, such as VOIP. There are opportunities to associate with varied use of space.

In an organisation like PAS health and safety is a hot issue. Data protection and personal protection formed important points in the reorganisation. Unannounced visitors here don’t stand a chance. Badges and the applicable alarm systems guarantee the highest degree of safety. On the Edinburgh location PAS employs about 250 employees. Everyday practice shows however that not everyone works within the walls of the premesis. About 80 consultants and sales representatives are not in the office on a daily basis due to outsourcing. The turning point in the office interiors approach was a completely new cooperation model. So the managers have no personalised offices, not even the managing director. Certainly a strong statement, meant to not to lose contact with the workplace. There are the ecological and ergonomic aspects, but also the way of collaboration and communication that work within the organisation.